Hi, my name is Helen Brookes and I am @40plusnotgivingupyet

I am a SHOPPING ADDICT who craves the opportunity to help women get back their mojo and feel the very best they can.

I love sharing my high street finds (and fails!) on my Insta feed and you can tune into my honest try-on sessions anytime, anywhere via my daily Instagram Stories @40plusnotgivingupyet.

I’ll share stuff I love, bargains and discounts and answer your burning fashion questions such as;

  • Which SIZE should I buy? (size 12 in one store? size 16 in another? or can I size down)
  • What does the material FEEL like? (itchy? cheap? silky? Do I need to iron?)
  • Will it show my BULGY bits? (we’ve all got them just what to wear to make you feel as confident as you can)
  • What kind of UNDERWEAR will I need? (I love a bit of control underwear but also let’s talk practicality if it’s see through you need to know)
  • How can I DRESS IT UP or down? (insta style with heels don’t always transfer well to the real world where you’re probably just going to Lidl)
  • And of course….does it have POCKETS?!

We’ve all ordered online and been bitterly disappointed when the garment arrives, usually in the wrong size or fabric. Don’t think it’s you. My mantra is if it makes you feel rubbish, or it’s all wrong then IT’S NOT YOU IT’S THE DRESS!

I’m also a hungry bargain hunter and definitely not into designer clobber (I don’t have the cash and even if we did, I think a trip to Mauritius would be more my bag!). I’ll share the deals and discount codes and if I can I’ll try and wrangle a code for you! I share the beauty products and fake tan secrets that I can’t live without too, anything that helps my mid 40s!

I’m also pretty random and share lots of the stuff I love; family life, VERY simple foolproof recipes, and travel and just life as a Mum of three – my two girls Lola and Poppy, and George my nephew.  I’ve been hit hard by loss in the past having lost my sister, and my Mum and Dad and I will talk about grief sporadically as it’s a huge part of my life and I’m happy to normalise it and share. Oh and there is also  a very tolerant husband in the wings but he NEVER appears on insta.


Let ME try before YOU buy!

It’s a lottery buying online. Let me road-test your purchases – before you click buy! I take the best of the current high street fashion and feed back to you about it’s cut, sizing, quality and how best to style it. Time saving reviews delivered straight to your phone!

My Instagram @40plusnotgivingupyet

LOOK CLOSELY this stunning sofa is also an ashtray. It’s a beautiful ostentatious ashtray😂 and I really don’t know how to caption this any other ideas welcome 🙈

Sofa @decofloralia in Lisbon an amazing florist my daughter and I oohed and aahed in with a random baroque sofa ashtray outside

Hat @boutiquebonitaglobal code SUMMER15 Mine is the summer fedora

Dress old holiday purchase


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We strut for our girls. Best part of this is the sound of my 14 year old laughing as she is recording. She sees her Mum having a laugh and nothing else. That’s enough for me as I can’t remember my Mum EVER in a swimsuit in my childhood.

It is my first summer wearing a bikini in yonks and yonks. And I know my girls appreciated it cos they told me. Though I still think this swimming pool is UTTERLY hideous tbh 😂

Ps sent this to the family group chat and my father in law asked why I was wearing a giant nappy 😂😂😂

#mumofteengirls #mumofgirls -#bodypositivity #bodypositive #bikinibody #40plusnotgivingupyet

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Whistle-stop stay in Lisbon. It’s HOT but GLORIOUS and we are in LOVE!

2 nights only I’m soaking it up / eating it up / and having the most amazing time with my crew 😍.

#40plusnotgivingupyet #lisbon

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I can’t float around silently making the clothes look fab for reels. You need details right??? Whether it’s see through or soft or sizing or as per some of them whether it’s just one to avoid 😂.

Not slick but I never was.

All dresses @zalando which I hadn’t ordered from before but keeping the yellow and the orange bloody love them. Everything saved in highlights.

#40plusnotgivingupyet #40plusstyle #tryon

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Barbecue tonight anyone?


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How I fit in to this dress 👗 ready for summer..
I SIZED UP. #summerbodyready #nosweat

It’s not an epiphany really is it??? Be kind to yourself guys remember it’s not you it’s the dress. Or label. Or whatever. Summer is ALREADY HERE so let’s get on and enjoy 🙌

Dress @asos

#40plusnotgivingupyet screw that #summerbody I’m gonna tell these last few days my body KNOWS it’s summer 😂

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Strapless and backless bra required sounds like a VERY painful wax. Or no bra obvs but not all of us are up for that!

Often get asked for best strapless bra recommendations so this one I’m putting out to the crew - what’s your fave and please 🙏 if you have bigger boobs let us know 👇👇👇. I’ll round up the faves..

Dress @tedbaker as seen on @voguishandcalamity I sized down twice here and it’s still generous
I’ve also tasked my pal @carolem_beauty who has magnificent boobs to hunt down good strapless she will report back but if you have suggestions for her let us know!

#40plusnotgivingupyet #straplessbra

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You can see our #smallmumtallmum reel on our Instagram highlights so check it out!

A hashtag born from an Instafriendship with Abi @stealmystyle40!
We shopped, we storied, we shared our try-ons and laughed at the differences in sizes.  Our followers told us they LOVED it and asked for more. #smallmumtallmum was born!