Waist Cincher Vest

As soon as summer is over, I’m back in these. That extra layer that takes away a layer they are MAGIC!

They smooth down the tummy and help with muffin top. Go true to size because you still want to breath. Wear with jeans, trousers or skirts (they need to be tucked in or they will roll up).

For dresses you need the magic slip below.


Seamfree Shaping Full Control Full Slip

I do have one of these in every colour known to man! If you see me in a dress, chances are I have one of these magic tricks underneath.


Cashmilon™ Round Neck Jumper

This is just an ESSENTIAL piece in my wardrobe. It’s just a jumper but it’s non itchy, easy to wash and at such an insane price.

I swear by them EVERY year and wear them with skirts to *winterise*, over dresses, and, of course, with jeans and trousers.

The black is, hands down, the one I wear regularly but I have also bought myself the camel, navy and pink. And I’m thinking I might just get the whole plethora of colours. Oh yes, I mean it when I say I love them!

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NYK1 Lash Force Eyelash Growth Serum

Eyelash serum. Naturally I have very sparse short eyelashes. I have tried every mascara and mascara base, but in last year I’ve converted to eyelash serums. I’ve tried a more expensive brand and it worked.. but my eyes got sore. And so I looked around.

This one though.. I was reticent at first, I was gifted it by the company and I wondered if it was just too reasonable to be effective! But I patiently continued and started to notice a gradual difference over 4 weeks and definitely on the parts of my lashes that were sparse / bald! Now I’m completely sold. It works. And it’s a lot cheaper than it’s competitors. And it doesn’t irritate my eyes! And… the best bit they’ve given me a code for you guys to get 10% off: 40PLUS10


BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector, Medium to Dark

I make no secret of the fact that I have dark under eyes. You can see them loud and proud when I do my make up free instastories. They’re so dark I think I look like the grim reaper sometimes but this stuff is the bomb!

You can use it on it’s own, or with your favourite concealer over the top but either way it’s a miracle worker!!!!

I’m a mix of the two shades so I use both, but if you are fairer you might get away with the light to medium.


Löwengrip Luminous Bronze Self-Tan Drops

I have not looked back since using these. I’ve tried other face tans since but I always come back to these. I use them regularly all year round.

Yes, these drops are more pricey than some but the colour it gives is perfect. Add a few drops to your favourite face cream and slap it on!

See the colour develop naturally as the day goes on!!!! You can even mix it with suncream if you like.

AT TIME OF PUBLISHING CODE 40PLUSLF20 IS GIVING 20% off at Lookfantastic. This works site wide on most items including these!

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Isle of Paradise Self Tan Drops

And I use these all the time too! I use on my body mixed with my daily body moisturiser.

Add as many drops as you feel you need (go light at first).

I use the dark ones mixed in with my Nivea cream but as I said above you can even mix with suncream!

AT TIME OF PUBLISHING CODE 40PLUSLF20 IS GIVING 20% off at Lookfantastic. This works site wide on most items including these!

Caudalie Vinopure Clear Skin Purifying Toner

I don’t know if it’s the pre-menopause or bad diet or just pure luck but my skin gets some whopping breakouts especially round the chin and neck (looked it up that’s HORMONES apparently arrgghg). Anyway, since I started using this stuff it has helped. I think laying off the salami and cheese and chocolate would help too. But that’s too hard. Also works well on teenage skin. Code 40PLUSLF20 for 20% off.


Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Lotion

Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Lotion can’t live without. This is the best body cream and soaks in really quickly too. And such a bargain. I buy in bulk as it’s cheaper at Amazon that way. This is what I mix my tanning drops in for my body. Or apply on it’s own after every shower or bath. Just brilliant especially if you have dry skin it’s amazing.

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Colgate Max White One Whitening Toothpaste

I drink black coffee by the bucket load so I need this!!! I don’t use tooth whitening products but I swear by this. Make sure it’s the *One* one.

I’ve tried the luminous, the charcoal, all the others – they don’t work as well. You want the Colgate Max White One. The full price is £4 so I normally stock up at Amazon with 3 for £2 each or buy elsewhere on offer. Either way I never pay full price!

Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Styler

I think there should be more hair models and demos with people that have rubbish hair. Yup, enough of the Pantene or Timotei ladies with their glossy locks. I have thinning, fine hair that frizzes. This smooths and gives volume.

Those of you that I’ve converted say that they can’t imagine life without it too now (and I’ve even converted a HAIRDRESSER to its marvels!). The 42mm (pictured) works for shoulder length hair but there is also a larger one (50mm) for longer locks and a smaller one (32mm) for shorter lengths.


Home Rowing Machine

I can’t pretend to be a gym bunny at all. I’d rather do (almost) anything than work out and I’m horrendously uncoordinated in any class. But if I just do 10 minutes FAST on this I feel utterly fabulous after.

I don’t think of it for keeping fit or even losing weight but the endorphins I get from a quick 10 / 15 minute sprint on this makes me feel BETTER. A good overall workout. We didn’t buy an expensive one because we didn’t know if we would use it. But we do!

My husband put it together with another friend and a small amount of swearing. I 100% recommend it (exercise endorphins work better than shopping sssshhhh don’t tell anyone!).

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Shiatsu Massager

Probably my most random but most loved! This is one of those gadgets my husband bought and I thought WHAT a waste of money. So I was wrong. It massages those shoulders and soothes and is pretty bloody amazing. Don’t buy at full price I only every share when it’s on offer or deal price ‘cos we know I love a deal!

Silk pillow

A new one for me but an absolute delight. It feels amazing to sleep on but also it’s meant to be really good for your skin and hair. Oh and I don’t wake up with those dreaded sleep creases that take 6 hours to fall out of my face! I love it so much after buying one I instantly got back up as I don’t want to live without it.


Cantu Hair Curl Activator

I have tried soooo many curl creams often 5 times the price of this. But this is utterly brilliant. You only need a tiny amount and then scrunch it in and leave it or use a diffuser to dry. So many of us rediscovering curls as opposed to frizz thanks to this!

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