Top Buys – 17 Nov 2018

Oh guys what a week it’s been in my instagram world. I hit 33k followers. No idea why you guys do follow me, a very normal over-caffeinated Mum from Sussex.  I’m not at big PR events showcasing the latest drops but I’m here on IG sharing my fashion finds (and a few other bits) and I’m so grateful you guys want to watch and listen to my ramblings. I’ll just stick to what I’m doing and thank you for all your support.

Anyway… let’s get down to business!  Oh jeez I’m getting excited about Black Friday.  I can pass on Halloween but Thanksgiving I can get on board with. Big meals and lots of shopping? I’m in! So it’s going to be a BIG WEEK. And already Black Friday deals are popping up all over the place. If you are anxious about whether to buy now or wait can I just tell you if you REALLY love something buy it now. If it goes on promotion you can always buy again and return the first one (keep the receipt at all times!)..  I’ll be scouring the shops and online to keep you up to date on the best deals in my instagram stories and where possible I will share on here too! So here’s my picks from this week so far.. all good pieces don’t hold off if you love!

Oh my love my Christmas party outfit!

Take one Red Cami (bargain of £17.99) from HM (try on here). Add a flattering pair of cigarette trousers from Topshop (try on with sizing advice here). Fabulous zebra clutch by JJR bespoke and bobs your uncle Party Ready!

Oh my love my Christmas party outfit!

So lucky me I got sponsored by JD Williams to find a Christmas outfit! They only asked me to do 1 post and 3 stories on instagram. No need to write this but I only share what I love and I loved the items and so I gotta share here too! And  you know me why say something in 3 stories if I can say it in 30? Fact is I love the items I ordered they are fantastic and the price point is spot on! I don’t want to feel trussed up in spanx (omg going to toilet issues!) or done up like the fairy on top of the tree at my Christmas do (NB putting sparkle dust on face might look nice when you first put it on but within an hour all the sparkles will have fallen to your upper lip giving you a sparkly tache. Or is that just me?). If’ I’m going off to party I want to feel like me. And this outfit is me with the fabulous tops in black or silver. And then my old faves some coated jeans to make you feel funky (and I’ll get tonnes of wear out of them AFTER the party too!). Pop on the sparkly shoes and sexy lips clutch job done!

Stars in my eyes for a top that sparkles up but doesn’t cling!

I really loved these tops too from JD Williams that they’re getting their own square. First of all they are non clingy to that mum tum. Then they come in black AND white. Need both. Then they have stars, that are sparkly. So basic tops but with sparkles. Because life is hard and why not sparkle up when you can?

Stunning Quilted Red Bag oh how I love thee

So I got lucky at my favourite shop in Brighton Preloved and found a fantastic red quilted bag. You guys loved it too. And I promised that I would find an alternative. Well looky here Aldo have one and not only is it a dead ringer for mine but it’s on a BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL. £33! I swear you need to snap it up before it sells out. Oh and I may have bought myself the black one because.. well just because that Chanel one I love ain’t making it’s way in to my wardrobe anytime soon.

I know you just love to see me in my nightwear!

Marks and Spencers have another 20% off for family and friends. It’s not on for everyone but here’s my faves at the moment that won’t break the bank full price either! So much lovely stuff but let me tell you what I think you could buy… the satin Pyjamas I love so much and wear almost every night unless they are in the wash. The Studio 10 Mascara that I swear by over any other mascara I’ve ever had (high praise indeed I’m happy spanking the cash on mascara!). The crew neck and rollneck jumpers that go WITH EVERYTHING. The wear your own bra control slip that I SWEAR by for giving smooth lines under dresses and pulling you in a little bit while still allowing you to drink and be merry. And a good old double breasted blazer. If in doubt just update your knickers.

Sushilla Jewellery, or rather the amazing earrings. Love them so much you’re getting a rare close up!

I’ve got another competition going on this time with the very lovely Sushilla Jewellery. I’m made up with my earrings she gifted me and we have a competition on my instagram for you to win too just because they are so lovely!  All the details are in the post click here competition ends on Monday night get in there!