Top Buys – 3 Nov 2018

Third blog I’ve got lots I want to share with you I don’t know where to start but I think the most important is flagging the Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar is AVAILABLE for EVERYONE now! And then some of the peaches I really love so let’s crack on!  Try ons for these items available on my instagram highlights here don’t just buy check it out first and SEE it on me!

M&S Beauty Advent Calendar every day a bit of joy in December! Woop woop!

I just love love love this M&S Beauty Advent Calendar every year and this year the Book of Beauty looks like a good’un! I have a very naughty beauty addict friend (Mary I’m looking at you!) who has ripped open every box and reported back it’s AWESOME. Full value of products is estimated at £280 but you get it for £35 if you spend £35. Wow.

Now don’t go mad you don’t need to. If you don’t need knickers here’s my favourite pieces from M&S right now including try ons in my highlights. I love the crew necks, I love the roll neck, I love my satin pyjamas and to allow all the mince pies I’m already working my way through I love a control slip that doesn’t stop me breathing!  Don’t take too long looking these calendars do sell out!

Topshop pleated shirt dress loved by so many of you it had to make it in to the blog it’s such a fab item!

Topshop pleated shirt dress it’s been going in and out of stock for a while but at time of this blog going up it’s in stock! And in regular, tall, petite and MATERNITY. I’ve tried it on in regular and tall. Tall obviously worked better on my 5’10 frame but it seems to be UNIVERSALLY flattering. Love it! Try on is here.. Oh and they have it in colour of the season RUST too in stock…

Black suede New Look Leather boots back in stock and 25% off ! Less than £30 for CLASSICS!

Black suede western boots they’re classics with a cool edge. They will go with jeans but they come in to their own with dresses and skirts and tights in the winter. They will elongate your legs with black tights (I think the true fashionistas might say go without tights but BEJAYSUS NO!). And they’re comfortable. Oh and 25% off at the moment so act quick (they’ve already sold out once before!).

Topshop dress already one of my favourites I love it!

I’ve had my eye on this Topshop stunner for a while but didn’t think it would suit me. I was put off by the fact that it’s jersey. But in fact it’s uber flattering and so cool and I think you could dress it up or down. Will wear mine to hook up with pals in daytime AND may even wear it to a Christmas party or two! Bloody love it! Also for £39 you really can’t go wrong. Try on is here.