Top Buys – 27 Jan 2019

*Please note I use affiliate links on this site.*

A LONG overdue blog post and wham bam I have three animal print skirts and a biker. And of course a coat that has brought me joy and I like to think it has brought joy to the rest of mid-Sussex. Hmmm maybe me and my coat need to get out more? Nah stuff it who wants to go out in January? I’ll stay at home and try on in comfort here’s the try on’s in my instagram stories showing off. Literally.

This skirt.. it’s bias but a flattering bias. I promise.

Bias cut skirts are everywhere. But not all bias skirts are created equal. Not even from the same STORE. I have had some successes and fails because I have a tum AND a bum (and I’ve shared on stories the fails to prove it) BUT I loved this one. It is available in regular and tall and the thicker satin and fabulous print really means it both sits well AND is flattering. Love. Try on in Instagram highlights.

Snakeskin skirt well specifically python.. and it’s rather special

Python skirt. It’s generous you could even size down. It has pleats. The colours are WONDROUS. You may have seen my stories where I tried on the dress which looked horrific. But the skirt is another matter. Loved it. It works with a regular black jumper (I always recommend my Marks and Spencer crew neck at the ridiculous price of £12.50 or their roll neck which also doesn’t break the bank at £17.50) but REALLY came in to it’s own with the camel jumper. Oh my goodness. The colour of the season that needs a whole separate blog I reckon but yes it’s fab. Go to my highlights for more links to camel jumpers!!! And blog post coming soon as a necessity!

Biker jacket. By Topshop. I swear it’s fantastic.

Topshop Biker jacket.. it’s a beauty. It looks fabulous. I recommended it back in December but it’s still available and I’ve had so many messages from those that missed out on the All Saints ones when they were on promotion and snapped this up instead. Frankly I love it. It’s a very cool biker. Try on in stories both me and the pal who bought it and is wearing it ALL THE TIME. I’m 5’10 she’s 5’3 but we both loved it. Oh and it is available in tall too!

Leopard bias skirt ok so I’ve not tried this on. But it’s fab. And it’ll sell out so gotta flag it. This looks shorter than the other one so at my height I would probably hold out for them to launch a tall one (oh Topshop why don’t you bring the petite / regular and tall out at the same time?). I’ve been caught out a few times. Anyway it’s a good’un. And don’t feel despondent if you are tall because the plain black one is in stock in the tall range while it’s sold out in regular. I DO have the  black one I consider it a wardrobe staple already. And am planning on getting lots of wear out of it in Spring and Summer should they ever come..

Pink Coat. Of dreams.

Pink Coat. It’s hardly a staple. But this month feels like it’s been 100 years long and this coat has brought the pop of colour to give me JOY and I get so many comments when I wear it out so I think it makes everyone else feel that too! There you go it’s a public service wearing it (dammit I’m good at justifying). It’s WAY oversized so size down at least one size (I’m in the 10) or even pick up the petite.